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Support a local Mosad providing a Torah education to Orlando’s less affiliated Jewry while fulfilling your Pesach needs


We offer discounted theme park tickets, full-service Kashering, orders for Pesach necessities and Villa rentals in Champion’s Gate.

As always,contact us if you have any questions or complications.


Discounted Park Tickets

Kashering Services

Chair, Tables, high chairs, and other item rentals, and Matzah purchases (soda/grape juice to be added soon!)

Champion’s Gate Villa Rentals (Call us about the minyan RSVP in the retreat at Champions Gate –  407-412-3199)

Click on the following image or button to view our extensive rental opportunities in Google Drive. Contact us if you are interested in renting one of the properties. Prices listed are for a 10 day stay. Extra days are negotiable. Your rental will include a discount on our Kashering services. To arrange a shul in your neighborhood, please contact us.