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These hotels are within walking distance to shuls.

About an 8 minute walk from Chabad.

This is the closest hotel from Orlando Torah Center. It is about a 20-minute walk.


The below are communities that are popular with frum vacationers; they are not necessarily close to shuls or to each other. There is a chat that coordinates minyanim in these neighborhoods. Contact Rabbi Rennert to be added to the chat. The times that these communities are the most populated are winter break, legal holidays, Pesach and Succos

Click here for the available Champions Gate villas (some listed may have been booked) Prices include 10 days Thursday afternoon thru Isru Chag Kashering is available for 400. Email Pesach@OrlandoTorah.com...

Search "West Side at Windsor" on Airbnb and VRBO for rentals; contact us; we may be able to beat their price.

This neighborhood is especially popular for frum tourists. The most popular area within Champions Gate is called the Retreat at Champions Gate.Check Airbnb and VRBO for rentals, or contact us; we may...

Down the block from Orlando Torah Center, there is a 5 bedroom 4 bathroom home with private heated pool available for rent year-round. There are two master suites with bathrooms attached,...

This neighborhood is especially popular with frum tourists; contact us to see if we can arrange for a villa for you at a great price!