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Your Personal Concierge

For anything and everything you may need while visiting Orlando.

Our Mission

We’ve created this site as a free, personal concierge so that any Jew visiting Orlando, from any walk of life, has the right resources available to them with the click of a button.


On a visit to Orlando just a few short years ago, I fell in love with the community and wanted to give back. I feel that everyone who comes here should have the right resources to enjoy this amazing community to its fullest. 


– Ira Zlotowitz

Don’t hesitate to call, email, text, or add yourself to the Rabbi Orlando WhatsApp Chat with any questions or concerns you may have during your visit.

Call your personal concierge – “Mr. Orlando”:

(727) 755-4180



Mikva at Chabad of Greater Orlando (30-45 minutes from Orlando theme parks) – 407-529-5966

Mikva in Tampa (approximately 1 hour from the theme parks) – 813-983-9770


The local community features two hechsherim, which cover multiple restauraunts and establishments throughout the city.

The main restaurants in the city are:

I am not a Rabbi, however, I eat from both hechsherim, and trust both of them fully.


Feel free to contact me with any issue or question you may have:
Ira Zlotowitz

Kosher Groceries

Winn Dixie

11957 S. Apopka Vineland Road
Orlando, FL 32836
(407) 465-8600

1-2 miles from downtown Disney area, 6 miles from Chabad and Orlando Torah Center

Kosher section includes meat and chalav yisrael dairy products, challah, pastries, wine, and many more products!

Trader Joe's

8323 W Sand Lake Road
Orlando, FL 32819
(407) 345-0611

Has ample selection of kosher food, including pareve ice cream, pas yisrael babka, and challah!

A Project of Klal Govoha

לעילוי נשמת הר”ר מאיר יעקב זלוטוביץ ז”ל
בן הגאון הרב אהרן זצ”ל